Do your legs turn to jelly at the mere thought of your first dance? Do you want to do more than shuffle around the dance floor when everyone is watching?

Our lessons

If you're feeling particularly anxious, private lessons provide you with self-confidence as well as being a great bonding activity to enjoy with your partner. We suggest you start your lessons at least twelve weeks before the wedding, and our regular package offers five two-hour lessons for you to have a complete routine, uniquely choreographed for you. We choreograph all routines according to the ability of the wedding couple, their music and, of course, the style of their wedding!

2019 - starting in February: once a month group First-Dance-classes where you will learn some easy moves to incorporate into your own wedding dance, and some secret tips of the profession. Use our CONTACT form for more information and precise details of where and when!

The process is fun and confidence building and there are only two rules:


Wear the shoes you will be wearing on the day so you can get used to dancing with them, and keep the length and style of your dress in mind and:


Be prepared to play your music to yourself as many times as possible. This will give you the confidence to perform your dance without needing to count or look down at your feet on the day. The music itself should be a song you both love and one which will make you feel at ease come dance time.

Here are some of the music tracks Beatrice has choreographed to:

So you see: you really can have the music and style of dance you want!

A high-energy audience will help take your dance to new heights, so while there's no set rule for when you should perform your first dance, the two most common times are either the beginning of the reception – after your intro as newlyweds or after the first meal to help kick off the party portion of the evening.

Finally, bear in mind that your ‘audience’ will be family and friends, people who love you and who will want you to enjoy the dance, not impress them with a perfect Strictly Come Dancing or Dirty Dancing routine, so don't fret about having two left feet. In our experience couples come away from the lessons amazed at what they've achieved and a wedding dance lesson is all about giving the couple the best experience possible, using both feet in rhythm and enjoying their moment on the big day.


Funky fun for all Hens and Brides-to-be!

Pop-video style funky routines for your dance party.

You won’t need anything else to make your Hen Night fabulous fun.

The cost is a minimum £90 for 6 people and £10 for each additional dancer (up to 15 max).

Hen Night Dance Parties are 2 hr workshops.

If you have particular track you’d like to dance to, speak to Beatrice on 07752 901010.